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UFO Alarm is a group of people who are interested in the phenomena of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) observed mainly in Poland. We also analyze UFO reports from Europe, especially those related to cases in Poland. We collect and archive witness accounts sorting chronologically these cases and associate events that describe the same observations. Thanks to this, we can obtain information about a given case from witnesses who are not connected in any way.

We will not be presenting all materials here, but only selected ones that will be presented in video blocks, appearing cyclically on our YouTube and Facebook channel. We strive to ensure that the presented materials do not contain overly extensive interpretations and explanations of the phenomena described, and these are left to the viewers to evaluate.

Nasze materiały nie zawierają reklam, a prowadzone kanały w mediach  internetowych nie finansują naszej działalności w żaden sposób.

In the near future there is a sense to develop and make more use of the website ufoalarm.pl, but for now we invite you to our friend wylatowo.org.pl - click the banner below ...


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